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The Donkey Show

Tom, Al, and George had been pals since grade school. Now in their mid-20s, they’d decided on a trip to Tijuana to see the donkey show at La Casa Prohibida. Al and George were a little surprised when they found out that Tom’s sister, Tina, wanted to join them on their excursion.

Of course, Al and George didn’t know that Tom and Tina had been sleeping together for several years. That mattered to Tom and Tina, but all that really mattered to their friends was a reminder that Tina, who worked as a stripper, made a lot more money than they did, and it looked like an expensive trip.

They all tried to make the most of it. Al settled into his Tijuana hotel room and spent the next three hours with a middle-aged prostitute who was very skilled indeed at handling young men with “mommy” issues.

George was more the type to get a semi-public blow job in the dimly-lit nightclub while watching the show. After all, the young hooker who approached him there was beautiful and very skilled, though the macho George might have been more than a little surprised if he knew that the lovely Carla was once called Carlos.

The donkey show itself? Everyone told them it would be a tourist con, and nothing would happen. Turns out it was real, with an actual donkey known as El Enormo, and followed up with an audience-participation bukkake show.

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Another fanfare. Now the real star made his appearance. Led by a pretty girl dressed as as groom, the donkey was brought out to center stage. Carmella hugged the beast around the neck, and the audience burst into applause. The donkey’s giant cock was hanging half out of its sheath, under his rounded belly. The audience wouldn’t know this, but the handler had been jerking off the donkey backstage, so that he would be partially aroused for his entrance.

Carmella kissed the handler sensuously on the mouth and was felt up in return. Tom wondered if there was going to be a lesbian act later in the program.

George was watching in rapt attention. He almost didn’t notice the girl who slipped into the booth beside him. Not until she leaned against him and dropped a hand into his lap.

“You like the show?” she asked, softly.

George nodded. He looked over at her. She seemed very pretty in the dim light of the nightclub, wearing a halter-top dress that emphasized her large, luxurious breasts. Her hair was probably black, though with the light in the club it was hard to say. It was very dark, anyway.

Her hand moved up and traced the outline of his hard cock through his jeans. “Oh,” she said, “this is very nice. Is it okay if I take it out?”


“You give me two thousand pesos first, okay?”

“Well…” He couldn’t resist palming her right breast through the soft fabric of her dress. “What do I get for that?”

“I give you a nice hand job, and you get to play with me, too.” She smiled and squeezed his cock. “Or, you give me three thousand, I suck your pene and you cum in my mouth.”

George managed to get his wallet and extracted three thousand-peso note.

The girl tucked the cash away and slipped down off the seat. With practiced ease, she undid his belt, pulled down his zipper, and extracted his hard cock from his shorts. The customers almost always went for the blow job, and she really preferred it that way. Sometime they would get upset if they decided to just settle for the hand job, took her up on her offer to play with her as well, and discovered something other than the expected pussy. When she gave them a blow job her cock was out of reach.