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Sis and Her Friend

Jim and Emme Fuller were just an average pair of 18-year-old fraternal twins. Emme was a gorgeous red-haired cheerleader, and Jim was more of a non-entity. If anything, Jim was slightly terrified of girls, so he spent a lot of his spare time alone in his room masturbating to Japanese porn. It was something he was good at, and he came equipped with an 11-1/2” cock, which is not a bad thing to have if you’re a young man dedicated to the joys of self pleasure. Sadly, none of the pretty girls at school knew about it, so no one was interested in going out with him. On the other hand, it was long enough that he could suck himself, which was something of a consolation.

Then, one night, his sister caught him with his cock in his mouth, plopped down on the bed next to him, and suggested it would be a lot more fun to masturbate each other. Turns out she had the same hobby. Masturbation, as some might say, leads to oral, and oral was cool with the twins, because no less than a President had declared that oral didn’t count. They weren’t into incest, but, you know, it didn’t count if you just used your mouth, so they were cool.

A few days later, Emme brings Angie Miller, another cheerleader, over to the house and introduces her to Jim’s cock. You might say it was lust at first sight. Before long, all three of them are going at it and everybody is eating everybody, and Jim and Angie are both losing their virginity while Emme sits on his face.

What they weren’t counting on was a gas leak at the mall closing all the stores early and their mother coming home from work just as things were really heating up. What happened next is… well, you’ll need to read the story.

Published by Lot’s Cave. 10,225 words. $2.99

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My cock was still quivering at attention, and I wasn’t sure whether that was from watching the Japanese girl on the television, or from the proximity of Emme’s perfect tits behind that thin layer of cotton. The way the lights were hitting her, I could not only see the points of her nipples through the cloth, but the darker outlines of the areolae surrounding them.

“I really just came in to say good-night” she replied. “But I couldn’t help noticing you with your own cock in your mouth. That’s a helluva trick.” She laughed. “I’m pretty flexible myself, but I can’t bend down enough to lick my own pussy.” She winked at me. “And, believe me, I’ve tried. I love having it licked. I guess you like having your cock sucked, huh?”

“I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Nobody’s ever sucked it except me, and I think it probably feels a little different when it’s a girl doing it.”

Emme shook her head and leaned closer to my cock, as if she was studying it. “That’s hard to believe,” she said. “I’d think girls would be lined up for the experience.”

“How would they know?”

“Ah.” She nodded, still closely examining my cock. It was standing straight up, and it felt like it might decide to cum all by itself just from the excitement of an audience. Especially an audience as hot as Emme. As she leaned over her tee-shirt was riding up and I could see a hint of bright red curls at the juncture of her legs.

“Can I touch it?” she asked.

“I suppose.” Did you go to hell if your sister touched your cock? Our preacher would no doubt say so, but I always figured he was just in it for the money anyway. Five thousand families and a small TV network doesn’t suggest a humble servant of God. It suggests a con man. Anyway, having any girl touch my cock might just be worth going to hell. One as hot as my sister definitely was.