Moronia Series

The ancient Moronite Culture had its own unique mythology, complete with incestuous gods and goddesses, erotic temple rituals, and possibly an immortal human or two.

The Gods are Horny tells the creation story from Moronite mythology, in which the creator masturbates the universe into existence before having cosmic sex with his daughter who gives birth to the gods of earth. Those gods, each conveniently born with a twin-sister wife, were known to stray with the occasional attractive human.

The newly released Undying Passions tells the story of Sarah Norman, a 6600-year-old Moronite beauty and her erotic encounters first in the ancient Moronite temple, then with an actual god, and so on down through the ages to modern times.

Moronite religion obviously took a much healthier attitude toward sexuality than any of the modern faiths. Sex was a divine gift and something to be enjoyed, and the temple ritual naturally included strong sexual aspects. Worshippers would praise the gods for their good fortune by coming to the temple where a priest or priestess would take their offering by servicing them orally, a male worshipper’s ejaculation or a female worshipper’s orgasm being the outward symbol of the propitiated god’s or goddess’ acceptance.

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