Country Incest

Freaky Farmers

Arkansas Family Reunion

Left on Their Own

Country Incest

Ah, the idyllic atmosphere of rural America. Acres of fertile farmland, wheat fields waving in the warm breeze, the tall corn, row upon row of fresh strawberries, contented Holsteins chewing their cud in the meadow, sturdy farm boys humping their sisters down by the creek. It’s all here in this saucy collection of rural sex stories.

Freaky Farmers includes three tales of rural family sex. “Down by the Creek” has boy-girl-girl triplets getting closer than ever at the old swimmin’ hole, with Mom soon joining in. “Niki Martin’s Journal” finds the exhibitionist beauty putting on a show for her peeping neighbor with some help from her horny brother, and “Welcome to the Farm” finds brother and sister screwing on the journey to the farm, then getting it on with their horny cousins after they arrive. 15,495 words. $3.99

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Arkansas Family Reunion was written using a pen name. It tells the story of an extended family whose members (if they’re 18 or older) gather on the family farm every year to catch up on what’s happening, spend a few days wandering around naked in a rural setting, and generally screwing every relative who’ll let them. 14,953 words. $3.99

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Left on Their Own is the story of Depression era boy-girl twins, just turned 18, who are left to run the family farm on their own when their parents have to go to the city for a few days. Once the chores are done, the twins find ways to occupy their time in the open-air solitude of their beautiful rural setting. 4,595 words. $2.99

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