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I didn’t grow up on a farm, but my parents both did, and when I was young I spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ places, learning quite a bit about country life in the process. From time to time, I feel the need to reconnect with those rural roots, and a new story or book is the result. This page connects you with those results. Perhaps needless to say, given the bulk of my literary output, the families on these farms tend to be very close and loving.

Freaky Farmers includes three tales of rural family sex. This was the first farm-sex book I published, and remains one of the most popular.

In “Down by the Creek” a set of boy-girl-girl triplets are getting closer than ever at the ol’ swimmin’ hole. Just when it seems things can’t get any hotter, Mom shows up, decides they need to be punished, but ultimately joins in and really steams things up.

“Niki Martini’s Journal” finds the exhibitionist beauty out by the backyard pool, putting on a show for a peeping Tom neighbor. When her brother arrives, she drafts him to join in the show and they continue to carry on even after the neighbor cums all over his attic window and wanders off.

“Welcome to the Farm” has a reluctant brother and sister sharing a roomette on the train and discovering that proximity breeds horniness as they discover a new intimacy to the rhythm of the rails. When they arrive at the farm with their parents, two of their randy cousins introduce them to farm-style incest in the barn and back in the woods.

15,495 words. $3.99

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Arkansas Family Reunion was originally published under my Mo Beevir pen name, but has now been republished under my name. It’s a double-barreled title, as it takes place in rural Arkansas, and the family’s name is also Arkansas, but the like to annoy people by pronouncing it “Are-Kansas.”

Every year, over the 4th of July, the whole extended family (at least, everyone who’s 21 or older), gather at the family farm for a big reunion. No one wears clothes at the reunion, and it’s understood that anyone can have sex with anyone as long as both feel like doing it. Most of the Arkansas are married to cousins to begin with, though there are some sibling couples in the mix as well.

There are orgies, an organized exhibition of public masturbation (the “milking contest”), naked grandparents on the front porch, and a super-hung brother wondering if his sister will ever give in and let him fuck her. Not that he’s exactly lacking for partners.

It all culminates in the big fireworks show, with plenty of sexual fireworks occupying the spectators as they carry on with their incestuous copulation to the light of the aerial displays.

14,953 words. $3.99

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In Left on Their Own, a pair of Depression era boy-girl twins are left to run the family farm when their parents have to go the city for a few days. There are cows to milk, eggs to collect, and all the usual farm chores. Easy enough for a healthy pair of nineteen year olds.

Then Rick pulls out his prick to take a leak off the back porch, something farmers have always been inclined to do, and his sister, Annie, decides that she just might like to get a little closer to that big ol’ thing.

After going at it on the back porch, they decide they need to clean up a bit, so it’s back through the woods and out to the creek to take a swim and get washed off. Well, they have to get naked to do that, and before long they’re at it again.

4,595 words.


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