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And there are the original autobiographies, for those who want a complete collection.

The Life of Lauren was the first. That one tells how I got a full-ride scholarship by blackmailing our horny preacher, some of the sexy shit we’d get up to at our cheerleader “bible study” sessions, and how I first started fucking my brother at an adult nudist camp.

Across the Pond was my visit to my British cousins during summer break after my first year of college. My parents are super-religious and hate sex. Uncle Ralph, my dad’s brother, was quite the opposite. Before the visit was over I’d screwed him, his wife, and both of my cousins.

They All Cum at Carlisle’s recalls a summer I spent at another adult nudist resort. You know, the kind where they don’t allow kids and everybody is busy fucking everybody else. I paid my way by teaching a writing class and this includes the best of my horny students’ stories. The whole thing ends when my British cousin comes to visit me in New York and we naturally find ourselves peeing on each other in the tub and eating each other’s pussies.

Wet tells about my experiences with what are commonly referred to as “water sports.” Lots of people peeing and getting peed on, and I’m usually right there in the middle of it.

An Erotic Life

I’ve got myself into all kinds of erotic situations since I turned 18, and most of them are in this big, terribly sexy book. This 107,000-word tome includes everything from my first four autobiographical books, along with enough previously unreleased material to fill a fifth volume, all rearranged in proper chronological order.

You’ll find everything you’ve come to expect from me. Sexy lesbian action with my high school cheerleading squad, visits to hot, adults-only nudist resorts, high-seas antics on a cruise ship, erotic pissing, and incestuous liaisons with my brother, cousins, aunts, and uncle. The lecherous Reverend Killjoy puts in an appearance, and my nudist camp writing class contributes some new stories.

Some new adventures involve my shy, and very unusual, college roommate, the time when I got an assignment to do a Sunday supplement article on a farm family and found myself in the middle of an orgy with their incestuous offspring, a strange story about a horny guy and a succubus, and one of those times I found myself distracting my web designer. There are also little tidbits added to the original stories, a bit of poetry, and the real story of what happened just after Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

Published by Lot’s Cave. About 107,000 words. $6.99

Buy An Erotic Life at Lot’s Cave.

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