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Loving Familes

As you probably know, this was originally a “Mo Beevir” collection. Since just about everything went out of print when Lot’s Cave vanished, I’ve been taking advantage of the need to re-issue my books to put my own name on the previously-pseudonymous volumes. This is another of those.

In “A Little Help,” Bill just wanted to take a shower, but once he’s in the shower and paying special attention to washing his massive organ, he’s interrupted by his twin sister, who decides she wants to help him with that. Okay, she’s really hot, and it all seems harmless enough, but what are they supposed to do when their mom walks into the bathroom and finds him with his dick in his sister’s mouth? Mom, it turns out, has some ideas that include her kids putting on a little show while she masturbates, and then coming down to her room for a hot threesome.

When a middle-aged American business man revisits Yokohama 30 years after he was stationed in Japan with the Army, he’s intrigued by a cute bar hostess, who speaks some English, and he’s apparently intriguing to a sexy waitress, who speaks no English. “Tourist in Yokohama” tells what happens when the pair of them take him to a Japanese inn for a lot of three-way sex. It gets even more interesting when he finds out they’re sisters.

What happens when a family of four takes a vacation to Florida and discovers the room isn’t exactly what was promised? Siblings Jerry and Cindy expected to have to share one of the two beds, but they were expecting king size and what they got was more like a large twin. After watching their parents make love in the other bed, Jerry finds himself spooning with his sister, with his gigantic prick inside her. Then, in the morning, after their dad heads off to visit a high school friend on the other side of the state, Mom and Cindy give Jerry a morning treat. You might say, they really discover “How to Fuck Up a Vacation.”

You remember those letters you always wondered about in men’s magazines? “My Sister and Her Friend” is a classic example. It seems Jim has a problem with girls. He’s attractive, but he’s got a foot of cock and it scares most of them away. Then his sister’s friend Mattie stops by one evening, and the three of them watch an old exploitation film together.That’s when he finds out his sister has video of him jerking off. One thing leads to another, and Jim finds himself screwing both girls as once. (Beyond a similarity in the title, this is a completely different story than Sis and her Friend, so be sure to get that one too.)

In “,” a family lives in a “wired” house, where their every action is being broadcast on the web. They’re a pretty close family. (It’s also a real web address, but it just brings you back here)

The Bataglias were a close family. Really close. In “Camping Trip,” Vito, Serafina, and Carla are 19-year-old triplets on a family camping trip with their parents. On the long drive up, Vito and Carla manage a little discrete fingering and stroking under a sleeping bag in the back of the family SUV, while Serafina naps alongside them. That night, the triplets find ways of entertaining themselves in their tent. Then, the next morning, when Dad takes the two girls into town for supplies, Mom and Vito come up with some interesting tricks while out collecting firewood.

Jumping back to the late 18th century, “Utterly Hall” is one day’s entry in Lady Nancy Stockbridge’s journal. Lady Nancy lives with her bachelor brother, Sir Dirk, and a houseful of  servants. Her brother is very loving, and always up for a bit of discrete incest. The maids are beautiful and accommodating. Sir Dirk is randy, Lady Nancy is randy, the maids are randy, ever Sir Dirk’s horse is randy (for Lady Nancy’s mare, it’s not that kind of story). Members are rampant, libidos are unleashed, dinner is served by four pretty maids wearing nothing but aprons, and a rousing good time is had by all.

Also included is a slightly pompous Foreword by renowned (fictional) Danish psychologist and sexologist, Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD. Doctor Sigurdsen briefly kicks in his usual psycho-sexual bullshit in support of redeeming social value. You can find another of these scholarly absurdities in Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays.

 26,600 words. $4.95

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The cover image, minus the text overlay. Mama might just deserve her own album page, don’t you think? Or maybe share one with the twins.

Mama Bataglia, just before she starts getting it on with her son, Vito.

Carla and Serafina Bataglia, deciding whether they want to fuck their brother, or each other.