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Given that the me on this website and Twitter account is largely fictional, it seems only logical that I’d have an album of vacation and other pictures highlighting my equally fictional life and friends. Honestly, I’m not nearly as interesting in real life as I am in my books. In real life I spend a lot more time writing toothpaste ads than I do having wild sex. If these folks don’t look 100% real, well, they’re not, but they represent people I’ve known. Mostly.

On vacation at Carlisle’s. I really do like running around naked. Fucking in nature is an added bonus.

Julia Carlisle, who runs the resort with her brother, Jordon, he of the 13” dick. Okay, she doesn’t look that much like Bettie Page, but she did her best.

The Fulton twins. These two gave me one helluva sendoff the night before I came home on that trip. If I had to describe them in one word it would “delicious.” Very talented tongues, too.

This is Kumiko. I met her on my trip to Tokyo a few years ago. I haven’t written about that trip yet.

One of my friends from high school at our first reunion, so not a recent picture. When we were cheerleaders we’d have these Bible study sessions after games. Mostly, we’d just look for the dirty parts, but that was where I learned to love eating pussy.

Ellie Cornwall. I’m writing a story about her and her brother right now. There’s just something about a brother and sister and a farm, isn’t there?

My friend Sarah, in the tub, where we often get together for a little kinky fun.

I got Sarah to take this picture of me a few days ago. You can’t see it, but there’s an absolutely huge dildo on the other side of my leg.

My high school friend again. I called her Suzi in my autobiography, but that’s not her real name. She still looks pretty good for being as old as I am, though obviously not like this.

I was a little surprised when I first met Loni. She’s obviously gorgeous, and she loves sex, but she’s also working on a double PhD in astrophysics and quantum mechanics. She’s so smart it’s a little scary. Still, she likes older women and has an absolutely delicious pussy.

Sarah heading out on a hike. I have to say that she looks damned good for being 6,600 years old. You can find out all about her in Undying Lust, due out any day now.

Another shot of Ellie on the farm. This one could be a book cover. I like the first shot better, but showing tits limits where you can sell the book.

Another shot of the Fulton twins, Carrie and Callie. Or maybe it’s Callie and Carrie, I’m not really sure. Their family was in an RV at Carlisle’s. I had a cabin.  

Caroline was on the staff at a resort in upstate New York. Her main duty was waiting tables in the canteen, but she also liked to help me with my exercise program. Mostly by nibbling on my clit.

It may be obvious that Ellie likes to run around on the family farm without clothes as often as she can get away with. Here, she was just about to dive into my pussy for dinner. Her brother was sitting in the corner, watching us and jerking off, but we both took pity on him and finished him off by sucking his rather magnificent cock. Both of them are very tasty.  

Virtual me as an 18-year-old senior at Jesus Loves America Christian High School, probably slipping off into the woods to pee on some flowers. Of course, the real skirt was a lot longer, the blouse was tucked in and looser, and we had to wear underwear. Wouldn’t want to get the male teachers over-excited.

Did I mention I was a cheerleader at JLACHS? Like the school uniform, our cheer squad uniforms weren’t nearly as sexy as this. Actually, they looked like something from about 1948.

Sarah, on her way to America in 1912, looking fetchingly casual for the time. She presumably looked a bit more harried a few days later when the ship sank, but she made it off okay and even rescued her companion and one of the stewardesses, though neither of them ever remembered exactly how. You’ll need to read Undying Lust for that story.

In our back yard in Georgia, just before heading off to college. Apparently, this outfit inspired our next door neighbor to go inside and frig herself to a massive cum. She always had a similar effect on me, to be honest. She still does, except I’ve got older and she hasn’t. Another Undying Lust tale.

Loni by the lake. She looks good here; she looked even better in my bed.

I’m rather fond of farm sex stories. Could anyone be a better subject than Ellie and her brother?

Mom never approved of pictures like this, but I think it’s pretty. I don’t think I’d do this today, but I’m a lot older now. Not that it stops me from taking naked pictures; I just think the outfit is too “young” for a middle-aged woman.

I just like this picture. It represents a lot of time at the gym, combined with the benefits of using artificial intelligence to create a fitter me than my years allow for the real one.

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