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Across the Pond

After I finished my freshman year of college, I was ready for a vacation. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to Atlanta. After all, I’d had an entire school term of not having to go the church three times a week, and as much sexual liberty as I was able to grab. So when my Uncle Ralph offered a summer with his family, on their English estate, I jumped at it. What happened is related in this second volume of my “autobiography.”

Uncle Ralph (he’s my father’s brother) and Aunt Imogen lived in a big old house, complete with a couple of servants, on a huge estate. He’s a smart guy, and he’s made a fortune. Still, like my parents, he’s from Atlanta, so he sounded like home. Aunt Imogen was a Scot. It took me a while to get around her accent.

Their twins, Eve and Andrew were my age, 19. This was my first time meeting them, but we got on right from the start. It wasn’t long before they decided to include me in their games upstairs in the tack room in the old stable. Eve had a gorgeous body and a very tasty pussy, and my first thought was that playing games in the stable was appropriate, because Andrew was hung like a horse.

Or, so I thought until I got a look at Uncle Ralph’s equipment. Holy damnation!

The first night there, I ended up with Eve, Aunt Imogen, and Uncle Ralph all briefly sharing my bed. I guess between us Eve and I had completely worn out Andrew that afternoon, because he didn’t make it into my room.

Just to cap it off, Eve and I ended up in the tub, where we helped each other shower. So to speak.

She hardly changed in the next eleven years, as you can discover in They All Cum at Carlisle’s.

8,733 words. $2.99

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She took her fingers out of her cunt and spread the lips invitingly. She smelled delicious. I leaned forward and put out my tongue. Eve’s clit seemed to tremble as I ran the tip of my tongue around it. I slowly licked the full length of her pink cleft, thrusting my tongue into her wet portal as deep as it would go, taking in the delicious cunt nectar, slowly returning to lavish more attention on her clit.

I could see Andrew out of the corner of my eye. He’d given up whatever slight moral considerations that had been inhibiting him and taken out his cock, which he was vigorously wanking. Seeing this just made me hornier, and the drumming of my tongue against my lovely cousin’s swollen clit became even faster and more insistent.

My left hand found its way under my skirt, sliding up my leg and through the leg hole of my panties to my pussy. My fingers pushed through the kinky blond hairs and slipped between my cunt lips.

Eve pushed me back, giving her brother room to get between her legs. He slid his cock smoothly into her cunt and pumped it in and out a half-dozen times, then pulled out, his cock glistening with her juices. Eve shifted slightly on the saddle, and this time Andrew pressed his fat cockhead against her asshole, which relaxed to let him enter.

My cousin pulled my face back down, inviting me to continue licking her snatch while her brother fucked her in the ass. It was a new experience for me, tonguing Eve’s clit, which now protruded nicely from beneath its hood, while scant inches away a hard cock slid smoothly in and out of her behind.