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Left on Their Own

When John and Evie Miner had to go away for four days to attend his brother’s funeral and the reading of the will, they left their 19-year-old twins, Rick and Annie, alone on the family farm. Someone had to be there to milk the cows, collect the eggs, and take care of the place while they were gone.

The twins were sure they could handle the chores. What they didn’t expect was that before the morning was over Annie would be handling her brother’s giant cock, even sucking it while he ate her pussy on the back porch. It was 1933, the farm was on a little-traveled gravel road, and there was no one to see what they were up to except the animals.

Before the day was out the twins would be up to more sexual mischief. Sure, they knew it was taboo, but in the throes of sexual hunger they didn’t care. Rick had a nine-inch cock, Annie discovered she loved the taste of spunk, and that cock just felt so damned good in her pussy and ass.

You’re sure to love this steamy story of Depression era rural sex and incest, so order it now!

Rick came up the stairs, walked over to the side of the porch, unbuttoned the fly in his overalls, pulled out his dick and started to piss onto the ground below. It was one of those things that farmers did since it was easier than walking over to the privy and didn’t smell as bad. Nobody thought that much about it. Nobody really cared if anyone was watching, either.  Pissing was just something you did.

Annie turned around to watch. She was always fascinated by the way he could use his cock like a hose and direct the flow. She’d never learned how to pee standing up. It always ended up running down her leg when she tried. Odd, really, for if she squatted down, leaned back, and spread her pussy lips she could shoot her piss stream six or seven feet straight out in front of her.

Rick glanced over at her for an instant. He figured she’d be watching. The idea appealed to him, knowing an attractive young woman was seeing his demonstrate his virility. It didn’t matter that she was his sister. Probably, it made it easier. She was less likely to complain about it than a stranger.

He could feel his prick getting a trifle harder as his piss stream started to ebb. When he was done, he couldn’t resist stroking his cock a few times, just to shake the last few drops of piss out. Or so he told himself, knowing that he was really just showing off. He loved the feeling as his hand ran up and down the stiffening shaft. He jerked off two or three times a day in any case, though he figured just now he have to limit himself to a few strokes and then put it away. Letting Annie see his cock, even playing with it a little, was one thing, but really going at it until he shot his load might be a bit too much.

Annie had swiveled around to get a better look. Her brother had an impressive member, she thought. “Does that thing get bigger?” she asked, smiling wickedly, her tongue running slowly across her upper lip.

“A fair bit.”

“How about you bring it over here and let me get a closer look? I ain’t seen that thing up close since we was about four and still taking baths together.”

Rick shrugged and walked over to where his sister was sitting. His semi-erect cock was still hanging out of his overalls. He swayed his hips, wiggling his dick in front of Annie’s attentive face.

“How big does that get?” Annie asked. “Think you could show me?”

“Well, I suppose I could do something,” he replied. He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it slowly, savoring the sensation, feeling it grow longer and harder. This was so much better than just jerking off out behind the barn. His sister’s lovely face, her rapt expression, only a few inches away from his manhood lent a sensual aura to the experience.

It wasn’t long at all before his cock was hard and pointing defiantly upward from his fly, showing off its full nine-inch length. “Never seen nothing like that before, have you, Sis?” Rick grinned.

Annie chuckled. “We live on a farm, moron,” she said. “I’ve seen lots of them a lot bigger than that. Just wasn’t on humans.” She leaned closer, studying him. “It’s bigger than Pa’s, though.”

“Wait, what? You’ve seen Pa’s? Angry, I mean?”

“Sure. He likes it when I whack him off back behind the potato shed. Says Ma don’t give him none no more.”

4,495 words. $2.99

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