Hymn to the Moronite Pantheon

An erotic hymn from the Moronite ritual, c. 4800 BCE. The Moronite faith employed a great deal of sexual symbolism and action in its religious ritual, making for an extremely happy culture its neighbours naturally thought perverse. For more information on Moronia, and its religion and history, see my books The God’s are Horny, and Undying Lust.

Praise them, praise them,
Lift up your voices,
Praise be to Kolek,
The first of them all,
Praise him, praise Kolek,
His member upraised,
To spew forth the universe,
So was it made.
Praise be to Kanzeki,
Who forth from him sprang,
And rightly, as daughter,
She ope’d wide her cunt,
Her father to welcome,
His children to bear.
Praise be to the twins,
Oroyna, Nalima,
Who rule o’er us here,
In benevolent sway,
Praise, too, their offspring,
Whose guidance we crave,
Praise be to all,
And the blessings they gave.

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