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The Life of Lauren

This is the first part of my “autobiography.” I don’t really talk about my childhood. The interesting part of my life started when I was eighteen, and a senior in high school. I recall those good old days, the football games, the camaraderie on the cheerleading squad, the times when the cheerleaders would all get together after a game, take off all our clothes, and have our own little private orgies. For a very fundamentalist Christian high school, we got into some really interesting stuff.

Is it really blackmail if your minister is trying to molest you, and you get pictures and make him pay for your college? Special sacred anointing oil my foot. He was just a dirty old man who wanted his cock sucked by a pretty high school girl.

Then there was the year I spent at a nudist resort, right after college. I went there looking for a place where I could find some rest and solitude, a good place to write. It turned out to be a good place to do other things, too. That was where I got to know my next-door neighbor, and together she and I really got to know my “little” brother. Believe me, there’s nothing little about him.

I don’t know if you know it, but porno movies actually do have scripts (at least, they used to), and I’ve written a lot of them. I talk about that in the “On Set Writer” chapter, giving as much intimate detail of a shoot as possible.

I love taking ocean cruises. I still remember the first time. It was an old ship, and there was an astonishing amount of sex. I tried to remember every detail and relate it for you.

I’m sorry to say my parents were terrible prudes. They still are, really. They’re so religious, and so anti-anything-sexual, that I sometimes wonder how they ever managed to have children. My Aunt Becky, my mom’s sister, is quite another story. When she was visiting me and my brother in New York we discovered just how different she is from her sister. Aunt Becky is a very kinky lady.

Published by Lot’s Cave. 38,124 words. $3.99

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I swallowed the last of my beer and sat there watching them, holding the empty bottle in my hand. It suddenly seemed like a very good idea to stick the neck of the bottle into my pussy, so I did. Slowly, I worked it in and out, at the same time rubbing my clit with the fingers of my other hand.

Sylvia was taking more of Sam’s cock now. No way she was ever going to deep throat that massive schlong, but she was managing the first three or four inches well enough. Sam’s prick made a slurping, sucking sound as it slid between her lips.

The beer bottle was moving faster now. I could feel myself getting closer and increased the intensity of my clit rubbing. I was right on the verge, trying to hold back, not sure that I could.

Sylvia had her left hand working frantically on her pussy, her right jerking Sam’s prick. It was so big that even with four inches in her mouth there was still more for her hand to work than most guys had cock.

I moaned loudly. My body started to jerk involuntarily as my first orgasm washed over me. My vision was blurry, it was hard to breath, my stomach muscles were cramping, and the muscles inside my cunt were squeezing down so hard I was having trouble keeping the beer bottle from shooting out of me.

Sam was looking over at me in astonishment. Seeing his big sister writhing in ecstasy must have been the trigger, because he suddenly stiffened, groaned spasmodically, and started to empty his balls into Sylvia’s mouth.

She took the first blast deep in her throat. Pulling back, the second spurt caught her on her upper lip and splashed along her cheek. Two more powerful blasts hit her on the chin and neck, dripping down onto her high, perfect tits.

She sat back, Japanese style, with her legs together, her heels under her ass. She ran a finger along her cheek and upper lip, sweeping up Sam’s cum. She looked at it curiously for a moment, then stuck her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

Sylvia stood, came over and knelt beside me. I was still working the beer bottle in and out of my pussy. I never cum just once if I can cum multiple times instead. Leaning over, she started to tongue my clit. I felt some wetness as she leaned against me, where Sam’s jizz had dripped onto her boobs.

She rose so that she was standing bent over, her ass sticking out, her face nestled in my short, blond bush. “If you can get that thing working again,” she said, looking over at Sam, “I’d really love it if you stuck it into my pussy.”

Sam walked over, casually stroking his cock. It wasn’t exactly hard, but it wasn’t exactly soft, either. He was standing behind Sylvia, I suppose wondering if he was hard enough to get that monster into Sylvia’s snatch.

I grabbed his hand, pulled him over next to me. “Let me help you with that, Sam,” I said, leaning over the side of my chair and kissing his prick.

He looked shocked, but he didn’t pull away. I grabbed his cock, pulled it toward me, and took it into my mouth. As I sucked, I could taste the last few drops of his jizz oozing out. He was getting harder. The resilience of youth, I guess you’d call it. He was just eighteen.

In a couple minutes he was hard again. I leaned back slightly, held his massive cock in front of me, kissed the fat knob at the end, played with his balls.

“Go fuck her, Sam,” I said.