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It’s All Relative

This is another of those anthologies where I wrote all the stories, but used different pen names to publish them. To be honest, I’ve used so many pen names over the years that I can’t even remember all of them. A few of them I was hardly aware of, such as the ones that appeared on a lot of cheap paperbacks I wrote back in college and sold outright to the publishers, who generally made up their own pen names without consulting me. Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

“The Lucky Winner” The story of a fellow who’s very good at winning contests. He keeps winning things, such as a lifetime supply of gas (as long as he didn’t use more than 350 gallons a year and didn’t mind driving 70 miles out of his way to fill up), $100 in groceries, a case of steaks, and a “date” with a porn star. The groceries were useful, the steaks were good, and the date was like any other blind date with an official photographer and bodyguards tagging along. Then he won a trip for two to Las Vegas. With no current girlfriend, he ended up bringing his sister on the trip. On the plane, his sister’s cleavage was getting him hard and things didn’t improve when they got to the hotel. He figures he’s going to hell. His sister, who was a stripper during college, takes a much more casual attitude. After a while they’re masturbating together, and then things get really interesting.

“Short Shorts” A collection of very short case studies of the professor’s incestuous psychological research.

“Caught” After most of the relatives had gone home from the reunion, Jim’s sister, Monica, caught him jerking off in the bathroom. Instead of being shocked, she decides to help him out. That’s when their mother catches both of them with their hands on Jim’s dick. Rather than throw a fit, Mom suggests that Monica might enjoy sucking her brother. After some preliminaries in the bathroom, the three of them retire to mom’s room and have a family fuckathon.

“Carrie and Suzi” Carrie has been screwing around with her brother for a while. She decides to have her friend, Suzi, photograph one of those sessions and perhaps sell the pictures to a popular incest themed magazine. When the shoot is done, and Carrie has a faceful of her brother’s spunk, Suzi puts down the camera and the two girls spend some quality time eating each other. Later, at Suzi’s house, the two girls make out with Suzi’s brother. Suzi’s parent’s are cool with whatever the horny siblings do, since they’re half-siblings themselves. More pictures are taken, more cock sucking and pussy licking ensues.

“Shelly’s Debut” The story of an attractive, 18-year-old model doing a test shoot for a Danish porno magazine with her brother, and told in the rather matter of fact, slightly overdone style those magazines used back in the late 1960s.

“Long time Lovers” Lars and Brigitta were a pair of stodgy siblings without any obvious social life, leaders of the local anti-porn crusade, and fanatical church goers. Now they’re coming out of the closet and admitting they’ve been secret lovers for two decades, and are shooting a scandalous incest layout for a magazine.

“Niki’s Brother” Niki was horny. She’d managed to get her father a little drunk, suck his cock, and fuck him a while ago, but after that he got all moral and wouldn’t do it again. Then her big brother got home from college and Niki set about seducing him. How could he resist the beautiful, sexy girl? He couldn’t. See what happens next.

“The Twins at Camp” A tale of nudism and incest in three chapters. Twins Molly and Millie love sex. They’re staying at an adult-only nudist camp, which means men can walk around with hard-ons, and people can fuck in public if they feel like it. The twins certainly do. They happily eat each other in their cabin. They fuck a pair of male twins out by the pool, then Molly makes it with a gigantic porn star, to the delight of the spectators around the pool.  Later, the twins join the hot registration clerk from the front desk in her cabin, look briefly at her college textbooks (physics, quantum theory, that sort of thing, the girl finished high school at 13 and expects to finish her PhD in a few months, just before she turns twenty), and then forget about anything more complicated than a lesbian three way.

Except for the cover, illustrations on this page do not appear in the book. Illustrations generated at PornJoy.AI and used by permission.

23,789 words. $4.95

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Monica just wants to take a  shower when she catches her brother jerking off on the toilet. Things, as they say, soon follow in “Caught.”

When Bill wins a trip to Las Vegas he takes his sister. It seems safe enough to share a room, but he wasn’t counting on his randy sibling’s ideas on how to relax before going to sleep. See what happens in “The Lucky Winner.”

Twins Molly and Millie came to Sunny Glen Nudist Resort to get a tan and get laid. They manage both, having wild sex with each other, a super-hung porn star, and the beautiful science geek who runs the front desk and enthusiastically joins in lesbian daisy chains while contemplating theoretical physics and wet pussy in “The Twins at Camp.”