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One Room

It was just a routine business trip for Marion O’Mara and coworker Bill Ormsvich. The first night was a little creepy, for they stayed in a little country motel that looked like it belonged in a Hitchcock movie. Nothing really happened, but it felt like it should.

And there was almost nothing but porn on the motel’s cable system. At least that gave Marion something to watch. She always liked to cum a few times before going to sleep.

It was when they got to their destination that the problems began. Someone had screwed up the reservation. Instead of a reservation for two people in separate rooms, it was for one room with two people in it. Worse, there was a church convention in town, so there were no other rooms to be had. The hotel had been turning people away all day, so it was share a room or nothing.

They weren’t happy, but they decided it was all they could do. Marion was even more annoyed when the had to share an elevator with a semi-famous TV evangelist, who proved a bit too fond of the “laying on of hands.” Mostly, he was trying to lay his hands on Marion’s ass.

There was also the little problem, once they were in the room, that neither had anticipated sharing, so they hadn’t brought formal sleepwear. Bill usually slept in his underwear, and Marion usually slept naked. They decided that Bill will follow his usual custom. Marion figured she could make do with a big T-shirt that would be long enough to cover her ass and anything else she didn’t want to show off to her unexpected roommate.  Bill was gay, so she figured she was safe enough with him.

It was after she’d had her bath, and was reading in bed, and Bill came out to get into his own bed, that Marion noticed the outline of his cock in his jockey shorts. That was also when she found out she was wrong about something. He wasn’t gay, he was just nice. And really hung.

After that, they did whatever they could to establish a much, much closer working relationship.

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…I climbed into bed, propped myself up using all four pillows, and switched on the television.

What came on explained the clerk’s surprised look when we asked for two rooms. The TV was tuned in to a porn channel, and as I flipped through the channels, I discovered that I had a great variety of porn channels to pick from. There was literally more porn available at that motel than there was normal television.

I always sleep naked, and watching what was on the television soon had me lightly running my hands over my body. I rolled my right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, feeling it harden.

I’ve always had sensitive nipples. I can cum just from playing with them, and I was well on my way as I lay there watching a pretty blond girl sucking a giant cock on the television. I found myself wondering what Bill was doing. There were several gay porn channels, so quite possibly he was watching one of them and doing the same thing I was.

My body was already trembling as I lowered my left hand to my crotch. The fingers pushed gently through the closely-trimmed thatch of copper-colored hair and pushed between the outer lips, parting them. The middle finger works its way up from the bottom of my sensitive slit, through the moist interior, and began a circular rubbing motion around my swollen clit.

I started to cum at once. Each gentle finger’s touch triggered a new spasm, jerking my body this way and that. I was moaning loudly, gasping, trying to catch my breath, while my body reveled in wave after crashing wave of pleasure.

I was still fingering myself when I fell asleep.