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Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays

This is one of my favorite collections, containing 17 erotic short stories and an Introduction, all originally written by me under a collection of pen names. For the republication, I’ve dispensed with the pen names, simply mentioning what they were in a brief note at the beginning of each story.

The “Introduction” is worth reading and not merely filler. The good professor takes a pseudo-scholarly look at incest in the Bible, which actually does contain a great deal of incest, whether prostitution and other sex work should be legal (it should), and other topics. It’s the sort of thing sex magazine used to include to insure they had a claim to “redeeming social value.”

“Family Outing” is about an incestuous Russian family whose side business involves photographing their family outings, where brothers, sister, and mother put on al fresco orgies as father handles the camera work.

“Brother’s New Office” involves the hunky Lars and his sister, Ulla, as they take advantage of his newly acquired private office. Ulla loves sucking her brother’s cock, and ramming it in and out of her hungry pussy.

“First Day” is a first-person story about 19-year-old fraternal twins, Mindy and Jim, on their first day in college, after their recently-retired Army general father moves the family back to their parents’ home town. It’s a very progressive school, to say the least. Jim’s first day includes a blowjob from the hot dean, the discovery that the coed sex education classes use Danish porn magazines as instructional material and include practical classroom exercises, and a classroom orgy of sorts that ends with him cumming in his sister’s mouth.

“A Damp Vacation” is the story of three vacationing friends who seem to enjoy mixing lesbian sex in potentially public places with a tendency to pee wherever they happen to be, and often all over each other.

“Hard Assignment” relates the tale of Candi, a poor college freshman who fears she’ll be stymied by a homework assignment in her human sexuality class, which she finds generally consists of “masturbating and going down on a dildo.” Looking for a bit more realism, she enlists her brother and his rampant cock for some practical experience.

“My Loving Family” In this story, Uncle Jim, a professional photographer, is brought in to document a small family orgy, with Mom, Daughter, and Dad all participating.

“Loving Daughter” is just what it sounds like. A college girl getting it on with her randy father.

“Honors Camp” is a special camp where academically gifted students at an exclusive private college may gather in the summer for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Three friends, Sonia, Emmi, and Carla, are assigned to the same bunkroom and before long are naked, poking, caressing, and licking each other. When the camp director comes in, the three girls draft him into their sexual circle.

Educational Programming at Gower” The Gower College figures into a number of the stories in this book. In this tale, students and several teachers participate in the filming of a sex education video that, frankly, sounds a bit more like a college porn feature than something any other school would ever show in a classroom.

“Women’s College Class Orgy” is about a sex ed class at a Dutch women’s college. When the students insist on comparing their professor’s cock with the dildos being used in a class, a degree of excitement ensues. Soon everyone is naked, the teachers’s cock is being sucked, pussies are being licked, and everyone is getting an “A” for that class.

“Lakeside Lovers” Jimmy had two hobbies, fishing and masturbating. When his parents send him and his sister to the family cabin on the lake, he expects to do plenty of both. His sister has other ideas in mind. It isn’t long before the horny sibs are fucking up a storm down by the lake.

“The Old Tree House” Tim keeps a stash of old porno magazines in the tree house back behind the barn, where he loves to retreat, study his porn, and jerk off. Unfortunately, this time when he shoots off out the window, his jizz lands on his sister who was on her way to the creek to swim and sunbathe. When she sees the size of his cock, she changes her mind about going for a swim, or ratting him out to their parents, and blackmails him into a wild, marathon sex session.

“Really Big Brother” Rachel’s brother has a huge cock.  Rachel likes to play with her brother’s huge cock. Her brother likes to eat Rachel’s pussy. Lots of sex.

“Kept After Class” When Eileen is kept after class for messing up an exam in sex ed class, she takes advantage of the situation to seduce her hot professor. Before long, several other class members have discovered them and an orgy ensues.

“Sharing With a Friend” Karin likes to share things with her friend, Inga. She likes to share gentle touches, sweet kisses, tongues lavishing attention on pussies, and, on this day, she gets to share her horny brother and his big cock.

“September’s Feature” A brother and sister find themselves making out in front of a photographer from Loving Familes magazine. They’re going to be the featured couple in the September issue, and the sister recalls how it all came about and what happened at the photo session.

“Mom, Uncle Jesse, and Inga” Uncle Jesse has a new job as a ladies’ lingerie salesman. He convinces his sister and niece to try his line and before long everyone is fucking and sucking and licking everyone else as this incestuous tale of marketing gone overboard cums to a conclusion.

“Brother’s Audition” Ed and Tina are siblings. Ed has an audition to become a porn star, and Tina wants to join in on the fun. The director thinks this is a great idea.

45,010 words. $9.95

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