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Finishing School

College coed Laura Freeman (Lynda Grasser) instantly falls for political science professor David Peters (Joey Silvera, billed here as Neil Long) when she takes his class. Sitting in the back row of his class, she flashes her pussy at him and quietly fingers herself, to the amusement of classmate Tanya (Tanya), though her sudden gasp when she cums draws a bit more attention.

Later that day, at a first-day-of-school party at a classmate’s apartment, Laura sits distractedly by herself while several of the others have themselves an impromptu orgy. Jenny (Margaret Silverman), who has been looking bored, looking through Shannon’s (Henry Wills) record collection wearing only her slacks, takes Laura into the bedroom to talk through her problems. The two of them are soon involved in a lesbian tryst, though Laura keeps muttering “Oh, David” while she’s cumming as Jenny fingers and eats her.

Meanwhile, David, who’s having trouble grading papers because he keeps flashing on Laura and her perfect pussy peeking out from her wraparound skirt in class, goes off to the tennis court to distract himself. There he meets pretty blond Gloria (Margo St. Mann), whose introduction, “I’m Gloria Spellman, want to fuck?” soon finds him back at her apartment where she gives him a long, sensuous blowjob before they move to the couch and fuck.

Later, David ends up in a three way with another professor (Jamal Davis) and Tanya. His colleague tells him that, a few years earlier, he also had a problem with a love-sick coed, and advises him on how to take care of the issue. David calls Laura to his office and fulfills her fantasy of having sex with him, but in the most crude and uncaring possible way. The scene is ridiculously hot, and there are flashes where Laura, who’s supposed to be feeling more abused than turned on, is caught looking like she finds the whole scene more than a little amusing as she breaks character, but mostly it works. David’s cruel dismissal when it’s all over breaks the spell and at the end of the movie it looks like Laura will finally take up with Shannon (dorky, but probably a better choice), and David and his colleague are back with Tanya.

This is one of those old (1976) porn films that can sometimes makes you a little uncomfortable today. The student/professor relationship wasn’t really approved of even then, and is even less tenable today. Sex, in general, tends to be a lot less casual now (remember, this is essentially pre-AIDS). And the way David ultimately treats Laura verges on the deliberately cruel. Today, you’d expect him to just sit her down and tell her it wasn’t on.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the film, but you do need to treat it as a product of its own time.

Other than Silvera and Mimi Morgan, most of the performers in this only appeared in one or two films. Silvera is still active as a director. Morgan, who had a minor part in this film as one of the orgy participants, did dozens of adult films between 1972-1983, including as one of the nurses in the original Candy Stripers.


63 minutes. Not rated. Directed by: Lloyd Richards

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From her seat at the back of the class, Laura fantasizes her professor with his cock being sucked by another coed (Joey Silvera/Mimi Morgan)

Laura (Lynda Grasser) looking lovely as she sucks Prof. David Peters’ (Joey Silvera) peter.