Undying Passions

Sarah Norman once had sex with a god, which is why she's now over 6,000-years-old and still looks 36. When you're immortal you find yourself in a lot of interesting situations, and in a lot of bedrooms, leafy glades, and other sexy spots. You might even find yourself in the bed of an oversexed erotica writer.

Sarah (or Zara, as she was originally known) has spent time as a priestess in a Moronite temple, where giving thanks involved the worshipper getting his cock sucked or her pussy licked, screwed her grown son, and had sex with both the Moronite god Oroyna, and her demigod son, Nalaro. Just to keep it in the family, she also got it on with Oroyna’s sister (and wife), Nalima.

More recently, she’s been involved in threesomes with Robin Hood and Maid Marian, carried on a passionate love affair with her companion in Restoration England, written pornographic novels in Victorian England, survived an infamous maritime disaster, been suspected of an affair with an Alsatian in an Atlanta suburb, appeared in sex movies in the ’70s, and, of course, fucked around with me.

It’s also possible she was involved with William Shakespeare, Caligula, Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, and a few other historical or fictional sorts, though you may have to wait for the sequel for those.

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Marian dropped to her knees and began to lick Robin’s cock. Her pink tongue flicked at the tip, traced a wet path down one side and back up the other. She wrapped her fingers around the big rod, pulled back the foreskin to expose the fat, purple tip, and ran her tongue slowly around the corona.


“Very tasty,” she said, looking at her friend. “Come, have a sample.”

Sarah knelt beside her. Marian’s lips covered one side of the swollen glans while Sarah pressed hers against the other. Their tongues snaked out under his cock, licking him, touching, moving wetly against each other.

They moved up along the shaft and over the knob, pressing their lips together, letting their tongues explore, before again sliding back and forth along either side of Robin’s fat cock. Marian moved up to the head now, opening her lips and taking it between them. Her mouth slid tentatively down his cock, taking him deep, pulling back, then engulfing him again.

Sarah dropped down lower onto the rush-covered floor, sucking on Marian’s pink, puffy nipples, letting her kisses trail slowly down her body and through her blond bush. She pressed her tongue between the maiden’s pussy lips. Marian responded by parting her thighs, never once breaking the rhythm of her body as it arched and straightened while she sucked Robin’s cock.

Sarah moved around behind her, sliding her head between Marian’s legs. Lifting her head, Sarah again pressed her mouth against her cunt, sucking on the inner lips, driving her tongue as deeply as it would go into Marian’s officially-virginal depths, licking along her slit, circling, probing at her pee hole, working her way up to Marian’s pink, pearl-like clit.

Delicious juices began to make their way from deep inside her, coating the pink, pulsing flesh between her cunt lips. Sarah loved the taste; she always had. Her tongue flicked rapidly against the tingling clit. Marian’s hips began to rotate, pressing her pussy harder against Sarah’s mouth. With Marian’s thighs pressed against her ears, Sarah could hear the pulsing sound of the blood rushing through her veins. One of Marian’s hands was tangled in Sarah’s hair, pulling her tighter against her.

Marian gave a sudden gasp and a hard jet of hot pee burst out of her and shot into Sarah’s welcoming mouth. She pulled herself tighter, her mouth surrounding the gasping girl’s pee hole, her tongue licking up the last few drops.

Marian rose to her feet, walked over to Robin’s bed. She climbed into the bed, face down, resting her weight on her elbows and knees, her lovely, round ass raised conveniently. Robin got into the bed behind her, pressing his beautiful cock against her arsehole.

You may recall that Marian, to Sarah and one or two others in the know, was called officially-virginal. She was a virgin. No man’s virile member had even once penetrated the welcoming pink centre of her femininity. It was true Marian loved toys in her cunt—Sarah placed a few of them there herself—but she was taking no chances on turning up with child before there was a wedding ring securely on her finger.

She looked over at Sarah, smiled, and ran her tongue over her lips. Sarah moved over to the bed, sat down in front of her, and slid her pelvis forward. Marian lowered her head and kissed the peak of her cunt, sucking gently on her clit, which was still hiding beneath its hood. While Robin plowed her arse, she began to graze on Sarah’s pussy. The older beauty settled in, her back resting against the rough wall behind the bed, her body glistening with sweat in the warm hut, her own cunt tingling, pulsing, as the fair maiden who would soon enter a nation’s folklore ran her tongue over all her secret places.

Sarah supposed Marian had brought Robin nearly to a peak while she was eating him, for it could have been no more than two minutes before he was groaning, arching his back, and emptying his balls into the dear girl’s arse.

As he did so, Marian grabbed Sarah’s behind, pressed her cunt hard against her mouth, and increased the speed of her tonguing. In moments, Sarah was crying out in climactic joy. She could feel the muscles in her pussy contracting and relaxing in a beautiful rhythm, feel the warm, ecstatic spread of orgasmic energy as pleasure overwhelmed her.

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