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Lust for Blood

In July 1895, Miss Suzanne Willis took the train to High Coulston to visit her old boarding school roommate, Lady Anna Corwin. The two young women had roomed together at school, where they developed a very intimate relationship, which now intensified during Suzanne’s visit to Muntglare.

It was a very “modern” household, Suzanne discovered, where Lady Anna’s brother, Lord Muntglare, maintained all the latest conveniences, including a beautifully-equipped photographic studio. There he indulged his passion for photographing the nude female body. His sister painted exquisite watercolour still lifes, and sometimes doffed her clothing and modeled for her brother. At times, on lonely nights, Lady Anna had found comfort with her pretty young Irish lady’s maid, Maureen O’Leary, quite unaware that her maid had a secret life as the infamous Mary Margaret O’Hara, author of The Erotic Adventures of a Lady’s Maid, and other disgracefully erotic tales of Victorian lust.

Their new neighbour, the dashing young Marquess Ravensbrook, seemed a pleasant fellow, even if a strange allergy meant he could not venture out of doors during daylight hours. Then Lady Anna’s health started to fail. She suffered from fantastic erotic dreams, in which Lord Ravensbrook played a starring role, and soon grew strangely lethargic. On a neighbouring farm, a pretty young girl exhibited similar symptoms, then suddenly died. The local doctor was perplexed, calling in his old teacher, Sir Ulrich Heilger, a naturalised British subject, native to Berlin, and a Knight Commander of the Bath, whose examination leads to the conclusion that a vampire has come to High Coulston.

There is a good deal of tastefully explicit Victorian sex in Lust for Blood. Lady Anna and Suzanne, Suzanne and Lord Muntglare, Lady Anna and Maureen and Suzanne, Suzanne and Maureen, and the odd pairs of servants coupling in the stables. It seems as if everyone is getting at it. And, of course, there’s that vampire. Or is it vampires?

Lust for Blood is written in the epistolary style popular in the late Victorian Era, using period-appropriate British English so, while the sex may be explicit, the language tends to be genteelly euphemistic, bar the occasional “cunt” or “quim.” 50,600 words. $14.95 (paper); $2.99 (Kindle) Published by C.E.B. Pubs in Kindle and Trade Paperback editions.

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The mist seemed to coalesce at the foot of the bed. In my dream, it seemed as if the marquess himself was standing there, quite naked, his rampant manhood thrust out before him.

He climbed upon the bed. I drew up my legs, spread my knees well apart, as he lowered himself above me. His massive member pressed at the portal of my quim, insisting it be allowed to enter. I knew this was wrong, but it was a dream, and dreams are to be enjoyed in the moment and agonised over only in the light of day. The dreaming ‘me’ simply pulled her legs up higher and wrapped them around his back, pulling that magnificent organ deep into her cunt.

As he began to thrust, I could feel the pleasure radiating up from within. My body craved the attention. His member was so big that it was almost painful as he rogered me, yet I cared not at all. In my dream, pain was not something to be dreaded, but to be embraced.

His lips pressed against mine. We exchanged deep, passionate kisses. Dreamily, I was aware of my loving Suzanne lying on her side, facing me, her head propped up on her hand, watching me with a strange, interested expression.

So, she was in my dream as well, I thought. Even more lovely. Perhaps she would join in the fun?

Lord Ravensbrook’s kisses covered my face. His lips crushed the sensitive skin of my throat. I felt a slight twinge where his mouth covered my neck, but any such sensation was overwhelmed as his giant member began to pulse, spewing what seemed like gallons of spunk into my fertile womb.

And then he was gone. One moment he was there, seemingly corporeal, and the next that strange mist again filled the room, only to somehow be sucked out the open window and vanish.

p. 31: “Ravenswood” should be “Ravensbrook.”
p. 99: “Suzanne’s room” in para. 2 and “Suzanne” in para. 3 should be “Anna’s room” and “Anna.”
These errors were corrected 22 March 2018 and should not appear in any copies downloaded or purchased after that date.