You did know that porn and erotic literature are at stake in this election, didn’t you? The Republicans are in thrall to big business and big religion, and would like nothing more than to present their masters with a chance to accomplish all of their goals. For business, this would include things such as eliminating all defined-benefit pensions, ending anti-pollution measures, and getting rid of OSHA.

For the religious, it would mean making the fundamentalist Christian¬† version of morality the standard for the entire country. Let’s face it, fundamentalists and evangelicals tend to hew to an old Puritan stereotype, the fear that somehow, somewhere, someone may be having fun. They’ve been trying to get rid of erotica of all sorts for years. It the Republicans can maintain a majority in the House and Senate, they’ll be able to continue appointing judges whose loyalty to Christian mythology is a good bit stronger than their loyalty to the Constitution.

So get your asses to the polls and vote. I’m going to suggest you vote for the Democrat and, for cryin’ out loud, do not vote for a third-party candidate. That’s how Republicans win.