Double Event

Today brought something unique. Usually, I send a manuscript in to Lot’s Cave and a couple months later they’ve created a cover, formatted everything, and the book or story is released on as many platforms as will take it. Because a lot of my stories contain incestuous relationships, that generally means that you won’t be able to buy them on Amazon. There are a couple there, but while they still have lots of sex, no one is related to anyone they’re having sex with.

In a bit of a surprise, Lot’s Cave released two of my stories today. Wet took about as long as usual, but the second book, The Donkey Show, was significantly faster getting to market. Wet is a continuation of my autobiography, with an emphasis on the pissy aspects. Not pissy as in bad, pissy as in peeing. Peeing in the woods, peeing in the tub, peeing on a friend, being peed on by a friend, that sort of thing.

If you think that one is potentially controversial, The Donkey Show makes it seem pretty innocuous. When four friends take a trip to Tijuana in search of that legendary show, they discover a club where there’s actually a donkey, and there’s actually a stripper who comes out every night and has sex with the beast. There’s loads of sex in this one. Tom and his sister, Tina, have been getting it on for several years. George is the sort of guy who thinks its perfectly normal to pull out his dick in a strip club VIP room and cum all over the stripper, so it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone when he gets a blow job from a hooker while he’s watching the donkey show in the night club. If George checked out the hooker a little more closely he might have been in for a surprise, since the lovely Carla was originally the handsome Carlos. We can only speculate on what George would have done had he discovered the pretty girl with his dick in her mouth had one of her own between her legs.

Meanwhile Al, the nice one, has a thing for middle-aged call girls who are willing to play “mommy” games while they fuck him. He certainly knows how to idle away an afternoon at the hotel while they’re waiting to go to the club.

Like I said, I don’t see two books coming out on the same day very often. I felt the need to celebrate, even before I sat down to write about it. That’s not actually me in the photo, but it does a nice job of demonstrating how I celebrated the releases. Masturbation and a nice Chablis, my recipe for a good private party.

Meanwhile, Memoirs of an Immortal is coming along nicely. I’ve got Zara/Sarah from Moronia in the 47th century BC to Rome in 46 BC in a little over 20,000 words, with another 21 centuries to go before she’s up to modern times. There was a very large skip there, by the way, from about 1948 BC to where she is now. She spent most of that time in ancient Israel, and while I have no problem with arguing that the biblical record is almost entirely fictional, I don’t see any reason to irritate my readers by including it in the story, either. Exodus was exciting and all that, but it never really happened, and the Israelites didn’t really come into Canaan and conquer it since they originated there, making the conquest not so much an invasion as an expansion. You’d think the modern Israelis would emphasize this, considering it actually strengthens their claim to the land.

Sarah will be interacting with people a lot more now that she’s in Rome. Caesar is assassinated in a couple years, the imperial system begins, Caligula and Nero both provide horrible examples, all that sort of thing. Then there are the middle ages to work through, Boccaccio and the black death and horny clergy, Tudor England, colonial America, the Victorian era, a couple of world wars, and on into today. Lots of time and opportunities to get the girl laid.

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