Not Sarah, but might be a candidate for the book cover.

Sarah Norman has now found herself in several of my books. She’s a hot redhead I met recently, or so the story goes. She first turned up in The Gods are Horny, where I dropped a few rather pointed hints that the 36-year-old Sarah might just be the same person as Zara b’Biktar, a 36-year-old Moronite beauty who ended up screwing the Moronite god, Oroyna, and having his demigod son, Nalaro, a sort of Moronite version of Heracles. Oroyna liked fucking the young woman so much that he made her immortal, so even a bit more than 6,000 years later she’d still be alive, healthy, and the same age.

Another possible candidate, though I’ve used her on the One Room cover already. Might depend on whether the licensing company has a good set with longer hair.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of my longer books. I’ve hit 10,000 words already, and the poor girl is still only 19. Nearly all of the detail has happened since her 18th birthday, naturally, that being the nature of erotica these days. I suppose there will be a bit of skipping as the years pass. A character who’s over 6,000-years-old presents an obvious opportunity for insertion into various historic events, which she can describe “in her own words.” I know she’s going to spend some time in Caligula’s court, hang around with Elizabeth I, perhaps provide some inspiration for one of Bocaccio’s horny nuns, or lend her tits and cunt as inspiration for King Solomon when he’s writing Song of Songs. I don’t think she’ll be meeting Jesus, no matter how great an opportunity to offend the maximum number of people that might present.

An interesting thing here is that, since I’m working with an established character, there are some things I can’t change. Where and when she was born, her service as a priestess in the Temple of Oroyna and Nalima in Valtera, her demigod son and personal immortality, her connections with (the fictional) me. That sort of thing. Since these things have already been set down in permanent form, about all I can do is expand on them, maybe provide a bit more of the dirty details. I presume my readers are okay with the dirty details.

One thing I do plan to do is take a slightly more active than usual part in selecting cover art. For most of my books, my publisher has provided the covers, and done a nice job of it. For this one, whether I’ll pick the image myself, or just specify stricter criteria, I haven’t decided yet. Zara/Sarah’s red hair is a very clearly delineated part of her characterization. It wouldn’t do to have a blond on the cover. Maybe I’ll pick one of the models used in this post. Maybe it’ll be someone else. I have licenses for those two sets (among others), but I may just see something I like better before the book is finished.

Which, right now, is something I need to get back to doing.

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