Why Twins?

It’s surprising how often someone asks me, “Why do you have so many twins in your stories?” Well, why do so many others who write erotica fill their stories with twins? I write a lot of stories about people on farms, or in the country, but it’s the twins they ask about.

Freaky Farmers cover imageOne reason to have them is age. Twin siblings means they can both be as young as the rules allow. Anybody having sex in a contemporary erotic story has to be at least eighteen. That has nothing to do with law. There have been any number of court rulings holding that it’s legal for underage people to have sex in stories as long as they don’t actually exist. What applies to photographs of actual people does not apply to literary depictions of fictional ones. Not in the United States, at least. Canada may be another matter.

But, for the most part, no one will publish stories with underage participants, because so many people think it’s illegal. Publisher prefer to err on the side of caution. The smaller houses that publish most erotica, at least. The big trade publishers, of course, go right ahead and reprint Lolita and publish new books where Dad is getting it on with his junior high age daughter, but those are significant books, so apparently that’s okay. I happen to think what I write is significant.

Well, my stories all have plots, which isn’t always the case in this genre. My books are a bit like 1970s porn movies. You may have to go through some exposition between the screwing, but they’re really more entertaining as a result.

It's All Relative coverIn any case, if you write “family” erotica, a set of eighteen-year-old fraternal twins, a brother and sister, are perfect. The “big” sibling is only a few minutes older, just enough to throw in a little humor. Twin girls form one of the more enduring male fantasies. Not only does the lucky guy get to have sex with a beautiful woman, but he gets to do it with two of them, and they look just alike. Guys like stereo, it seems. Julie Will sends a set of gorgeous redhead twins on a sexual rampage through a nudist camp in “The Twins at Camp,” a novella in the collection It’s All Relative, a favorite of mine The book I’m working on now, They All Cum at Carlisle’s, has two sets of twins, brother-sister, and sister-sister.

Erotica deals in fantasy. In that aspect, it’s no different than reading Regency romance, or medieval fantasy. You wouldn’t really want to do those things, or live in those remarkably unhealthy times, but it’s a lot of fun to read about it.

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