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I’ve spent most of the last week working with a friend on getting on line. I don’t claim to be tech savvy, but he can do that sort of thing without too much effort. He claims it used to be a lot harder, back in the “old days,” when he apparently used to put together websites on Notepad, instead of the specialized site-building software he uses now. From my point of view, it still looked pretty hard, but I guess in the old days you couldn’t even see what it was going to look like as you built it.

I need to thank my erotica publisher, Lot’s Cave, who were kind enough to let me have book cover images and other graphics from my books, and from a few others that I’ve read and enjoyed. If you’re into “forbidden” erotica, they’re a great place to find it. They don’t publish anything illegal, of course, though I suppose there are people who think differently. And you do need to be at least 18 to shop there. And no, that’s not me in the cover photo. I did look a little like that 30 years ago, though.

I thought I’d use this first post to plug my books. It looks as if the world isn’t going to let me do anything that mundane. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a Nazi rally in Virginia, or somebody driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters and killing one of them, either. I also wasn’t expecting our President to comment on it by essentially saying, “this was terrible, but both sides are to blame, and wow, how about the employment figures! Aren’t they great!”

Some messages back and forth to my web designer brought some of it out. We were trying to figure out if there was any actual difference between alt-right and Nazi. We concluded that there was. One of them has a hyphen in it.

I’m obviously a white American. My family was here long before 1776. I had family fighting in the Revolution, in the War of 1812, on the northern side in the Civil War, in the Spanish American War, and in both World Wars and Korea. I think that lets me speak with a little authority about what being a “real” American means. To my way of thinking, it doesn’t mean anything that those idiots in Virginia were saying. The country is already great, and I hope people won’t stand still while fearless leader tries to bring that greatness to an end and force a business model in its place. You can’t run a country like a business. If you try, you end up with Germany in 1938. Businesses are dictatorships, every one of them. That’s the only way businessmen know how to do things, and it explains a lot about Trump.

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