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Welcome to my Site

I’m Lauren Milfinger. I’m a writer, specializing in racy, horribly sinful erotica. I’ve been writing for a long time now, but I’ve always used pen names, so the odds are you’ve read some of my books and stories and never knew it.

Sis and Her Friend is my newest story. Eighteen-year-old boy/girl twins get at it, then a cheerleader friend joins in, and finally Mom takes a part. Somewhat Rashomon-ish, with each telling his/her own story.

My “autobiographical” series now contains three volumes, starting with The Life of Lauren. This was also the first of my books to be published by Lot’s Cave. The series continues with Across the Pond, and They All Cum at Carlisle’s, with a fourth installment in the works. The Gods Are Horny also includes some personal things, but it’s mostly weird, incestuous mythological fantasy.

Freaky Farmers is, unsurprisingly, farmers having sex. Farm boys having sex with their sisters, their mothers, their cousins. You know, good, wholesome dirty stories. You’ll love it.

Lust for Blood is my newest novel. It’s a Victorian vampire story, with lesbians and a lot of sex. There’s no incest in this one, though, so unlike so many of my books you can buy it at Amazon and other stores. There’s even a paperback and audiobook.

This official site is a place where fans can learn what I’ve been up to, what I’m working on, and, through my blog, what I’ve been thinking about. I don’t do any direct sales here, but if you’re into masturbating online, you can click on the Chaturbate link. is a great place to pick up a little help in the mechanical stimulation department. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

The Member Area is now open. Hosted on Adult Member Sites, there’s not a huge amount of content yet, but the more people join, the more I’ll be able to buy and add. If you want to start your own adult site, they have a good program and some good people to help.

To keep up with my life, be sure to follow me on Twitter. Honestly, my tweets are mostly promotional, but I toss out some personal stuff every so often. I have opinions, just like a real person. Read my blog if you doubt that.

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